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Schools Projects


Suffolk Folk Education Programme

Since January 2005 the not-for-profit organisation, Suffolk Folk, has been running its Education Programme, arranging workshops and presentations at Suffolk schools by professional performing artists. Facilitated by Suffolk Folk, artists and school staff liaise to determine what is best suited to each school.

Events have included concert performances to entire schools or year groups, as well as workshops to selected small groups. Specialist workshops are adaptable to suit the widest range of ages and abilities. We believe these are very important projects, helping both to educate Children and to encourage their involvement in traditional music and dance.

Affordability by even the smallest schools in Suffolk is ensured by provision of sponsorship for a percentage of the artists' fees by Suffolk Folk, the Everyman Folk Club and the Big Music Nights.

Feedback from the schools that have participated to date has been excellent. Pupils who have attended the interactive and informal workshops have been struck by the effectiveness of communication of song, and the pleasure of singing and dancing together for solace and social enrichment.

Primary schools have experienced a variety of songs, rhymes and singing games – some with actions – and been exposed to a variety of strange and interesting instruments, as well as traditional dance.

Middle & Secondary school workshops have included song writing, tune writing, musical arrangement and performance. Specialist projects have incorporated songs relating to the First World War, and the background of songs from the American Civil War based on the background of the/Cold Mountain novel and film – thus providing education relating to history as well as music and drama.


“We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have such talented performers in our school. Again, many thanks to Suffolk Folk and The Everyman Folk Club for their support, not only in making such quality entertainers available to schools but for providing such generous sponsorship as well. I would also recommend any others involved in education who read this article to take advantage of these opportunities as we have at Combs Middle School”.

Ian Crissell, Head Teacher, Combs Middle School

If you are involved with a school that may wish to benefit from the Education Programme please contact us.

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